Earn an Accredited High School Diploma
FrequentlyAsked Questions

1. What are the requirements to get enrolled in Stanley high school diploma program?

The eligibility of the students is evaluated purely on the basis of the High School Diploma equivalency test. Students need to be 17 or above to apply for this program. They can also enroll if they had dropped out of high school, irrespective of the grade they were in.
You can get enrolled for our high school diploma program by taking our online high school diploma equivalency test. Through this test, we will assess your knowledge and aptitude for a high school diploma and if you pass the test, you are eligible to earn an online high school diploma from Stanley High School. The test comprises of 4 areas of knowledge including Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.
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2. Will I earn a GED?

Students who pass the exam and order a diploma package will be issued a regular high school diploma awarded from Stanley high school. This diploma is not a GED. The GED is administered offline by registered instructors at a state designated location and cannot be completed from a computer.

3. What can I do with the diploma?

The diploma awarded by Stanley high school is documented proof of educational achievement of an individual. It can be used for a number of purposes. Education programs designed to be completed in short time frame are accepted by a large percentage of employers but not in every instance. The college, university, trade school or employer may have specific requirements beyond the diploma awarded by Stanley high school. These requirements may include additional examination or a higher level of educational achievement. Every education organization or employer has the right to set their enrollment or employment requirements and these should be understood by the applicant before registering with the online program offered by Stanley.

4. What are the technical requirements to apply for Diploma?

You just need to have a computer and access to the internet. In case of unavailability, you can also go to a library and access internet through a computer there.

5. Do I get credit for the course as if I took it in regular school?

Stanley High School course credits are the same local and state credits as issued at any other regular campus. This program is exclusively for students wishing to recover lost credits or proceed towards their educational goals. The Virtual School provides an alternative to the traditional classroom and expands the learning experience beyond the regular classroom time frame.

6. Who do I contact if I have a question regarding an assignment or my username and password is not working?

All questions related to the program should be directed to the student counselor who is available to assist you from 11 am to 7 pm EST (Monday to Friday) via :

7. How much does it cost to take the Test?

There are no "upfront" payments for this service.  You can take the interactive online test as often as necessary to reach your desired score outcome. Upon completion of the self-test you may apply for the Graduation Package that enables you to receive your Diploma, Transcripts, verification letters and lifetime program completion verification.  The total cost for the service is $279.00. Good luck with accomplishment of your goals.

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8. Does your school offer flexible payment plans for me?

Yes. We now offer the most flexible payment plans that can be customized according to each individual and ideal for their unique situation. We have a standard payment plan that consists of three even payments; first immediately upon initiating the payment plan, second two weeks later and the final payment two weeks after the second payment. Our staff will ship the diploma package after full payment is made. Click here to learn more about our payment plans.

9. What if I don't pass the online equivalency test?

No problem. You can take the test as many times as you wish. There is no fee for our online equivalency test. By passing this simple and easy test you become eligible to get your high school diploma from Stanley High School.

10. Are there any classes required to graduate?

Stanley High School does not offer any courses or classes, what we are offering is a Regular High School Diploma but the process is similar to a GED program which is why completion of this program is online and based on your test results. Good luck as you strive to achieve completion of this program and receive your Graduation Package.

11. Will I receive a diploma or a GED?

You cannot receive a GED online. A GED certificate can only be obtained from a certified and a physical testing center in your local area. In order to take the GED test, you must schedule a meeting with a GED counselor, pay the fee and spend a lot of time for the preparation of that test. The free testing program offered by our school is without any time restrictions and does not need extensive preparation by the student as it is similar to a study process itself. Stanley high school provides a user friendly program and is designed to award an online high school diploma to students who successfully pass the high school equivalency test and order their diploma package.

12. What is accreditation? Why is it necessary to have an accredited diploma only?

Accreditation is a term generally used to refer to an institution receiving validation of its operations and having met a set of standards promulgated by a governing board or society. The main purpose of accreditation for a high school is to establish that the learning offered is legal and of sound quality. Our school methodically follows the rules of our governing organization which enforces strict educational guidelines to ensure the academic needs of students are being met.
In short Accreditation generally means that a school or program has been evaluated by an independent group and meets standards of that accrediting agency.
Stanley High School's website also provide a warning to all the students looking for an accredited high school diploma to be cautious of websites that offer an accredited diploma on the basis of life or work experience as they will also offer better grades for more money.

13. How long will the program take and when can I expect to receive my diploma?

Our online testing program is unique because it allows students to proceed at their own desired pace. Students can move either quickly or slowly as they like. There are no time limits or penalties in spite of how long it takes to finish the test. On an average, students who graduate and order their diploma package, receive it within 6 to 8 weeks from the time they pay their tuition fee in full.

Please note that when a student pay off the Fee in Full, the paper work begins which takes about a Month to complete and then your Diploma and Transcripts are mailed out to you. So altogether after full payments it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for you to receive your high school diploma and transcripts by Mail.

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14. What does my total package contain?

When you order diploma package from us, you get a set of free documents along with high school diploma and transcript. Following are the total contents of your diploma package:  

  • High School Diploma
  • Original set of Transcripts
  • Education Verification Letters
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15. What do I do if an employer needs to verify my education?

When a graduate orders our high school diploma package, they will receive contact details that can be used to reach our counselors. When they have a potential employer or individual requesting verification of their academic achievement, they can use this number to reach our staff and set up the call. The graduate will then receive instruction on coordinating the call between the counselor and the particular individual who is requesting verification.

16. What are the methods of payment for this program?

When a graduate orders their diploma package, they can use the following methods for payment:

  • Credit Card (online)

17. How and where can I use the diploma?

Stanley high school diploma is accepted by most employers, organizations and educational institutions. Many of our graduates go for further education, seek employment or get promoted after earning their diploma from Stanley high school. However, we strongly suggest our future graduates to check with the potential organization or institution prior to earning their diploma from our program. This way they can ensure that the particular facility will accept the high school diploma. Additionally, many graduates use our diploma while they continue their higher education or for self gratification.

18. Where are you located?

The only way to complete our program is via the Internet. Stanley High School provides its services internationally and provides a very specific value. We want to "motivate the world." As we are an online organization, we are able to keep prices for our program at an affordable level and maintain a very efficient administrative and support staff. Most communications between staff and student body is via the website and email. We pride ourselves in exceeding the service level expectations of our current and potential students and strive to reply to all inquires within 24 business hours. Upon completion of our program, you will receive all necessary information for us to fulfill our obligations to you as a graduate of our program. Please click here to Contact Us

19. Where do I begin / how do I log in?

Go to the Stanley High School 'Home Page' and click on Enroll now, register yourself and start taking the free online high school Diploma equivalency Test

20. I live outside the US? Can I still apply for the high school diplomas offered by Stanley High School?

No matter where in the world you live, you can apply for Stanley high school diploma program.

21. What if my diploma gets lost or is damaged?

If your diploma gets lost or damaged, you may order a replacement diploma which can be received after paying a nominal fee. Upon requesting a replacement diploma, you will be asked to provide proof of graduation through personal information that is documented by our advisors at the time of your first enrollment. After verification, our staff will guide you through the trouble-free process of ordering the replacement diploma.

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22. How do I know I will be satisfied with my Graduation Package?

The administrative and academic professionals that help create our distance learning programs are so confident that you will receive the best service and highest quality products in the industry that we have introduced a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. Our priority is providing the highest level of communication and service to our graduates.

23. Refund Policy?

Stanley High School - 100% Refund Policy Details:

Students will be provided a full refund upon written request sent directly to the schools management via our Contact Us Form. The full refund minus a $79 processing fee will be refunded back within 2 weeks after placing the refund request into the same payment method or source used to pay the fee by the student.

Please note that students should not face any problem in most cases while applying for employment or college admission. However we cannot guarantee that all credits will be acceptable for transfer to other schools. We request all students to check for acceptance before enrolling at Stanley High School. Our 100% Money Back Guarantee is offered on all our programs.

The 100% money back guarantee is valid for 6-months after paying the fee.


24. How to Claim Your Refund?

To assure your refund request is approved, please make sure you meet the following requirements:
1. Claim your refund, specifying your concern by contacting us via any of the following two modes:

  • Email: Click here to send us an email for a prompt response