Earn an Accredited High School Diploma
Stanley High School Accreditation Details

High School Diploma Program offered by Stanley High School is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Online Schools and Colleges.

The Accreditation Commission for Online Schools and Colleges was established to preserve and promote the finest educational standards worldwide by acting as a knowledge base of educational standards for traditional and non-traditional educational institutes. ACOSC covers all programs, courses, distance learning programs and distance study endeavors of an institution including degree, non-degree, vocational and avocational programs. It provides distance study institutions with a single source of internationally recognized accreditation, all the way from kindergarten through the doctorate degree levels.

The accreditation agencies are non-profit, independent membership organizations providing Accreditation Services and they are responsible for the evaluation and accreditation of eligible academic institutions. This is to ensure that the academic institutions' online high school diploma programs meet the stringent standards and strict policies set by the Accreditation committee. Such accreditation agencies make sure that students are following the correct academic programs and that the Diploma or Certificate they receive after successfully graduating is 100% Accredited and Legitimate. This insures that the graduated student is able to proceed further academically or professionally.

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