Earn an Accredited High School Diploma
Stanley High School Diploma Program

Stanley High School is where you can receive a regular High School Diploma. The user friendly Distance Learning Program, offered by Stanley High School, has developed a comfortable process for students to obtain an high school certificate. The process is the same and equal to that which you would have achieved after the completion of High School.

Online Test for students certainly no charges

The candidate goes through online High School Diploma Equivalency Test to make sure that if he has average high School student knowledge, which is completely free. This is a great opportunity for students and working adults to earn their High School Diploma as the test is no charge with limitless times. In addition, they can choose the place for test by themselves either home or office. It is not a GED test which is onetime attempt, you can attempt several time until you pass your High School Diploma Equivalency test.

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Once a student or an adult passes the high school diploma equivalency test, they are eligible to receive their Regular High School Diploma from Stanley High School. Candidates are then allowed to pay the tuition fee and receive High School Diploma comfortably at their home.

GED or GED Online

The students or field working people who could not be able to complete their regular High School due to any circumstances, General Education Development program or GED Online program developed for them as a test designed program. This is also for those students who have been home schooled because of health issues and could never go to school as a regular student. (Usually Government has especial schooling program for them). There is a comprehension GED Online test as an option to go through with to show their knowledge and skills, whatever they achieved by their self study and their field experiences. Student just has to show as a regular High School student who normally has same knowledge to their same level.

As like name the GED Online test can be attempt through online. This especially suites to those working adults so they can find their own comfortable place to take this test where ever they want even home, office or library and can attempt as much as many time until the pass the test. The student how could not complete their High School education any reason can attempt their GED test through their community schools but have to show up themselves every time and have to pay any attempt, whether pass or fail.

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